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Woodside 1965
Exterior Photos
Torn Apart By The Blast
Front Page News
Interior Photos
Exterior Photos
Article 1, Day 1, Page 1
Article 1, Day 1, Page 2
Article 2, Day After Explosion
Thank you Letter, 1 Month After Explosion
I am awaiting permission from one of the witnesses to include her eerily accurate sketch of the scene on these pages.

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This window, which looks as if it had been cut out, flew from the house landing up against a tree many yards away and yet, the glass remained intact!

Recently, I was told by a witness to the aftermath that she recalled that my mother's rings and a piece of paper were still on the windowsill where she had left them.

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The bottle on the car belonged to me, Connie, who was a 5 week old baby at the time, and was inside the house before the blast.

The doll on the front of the car belonged to Cheryl, the 5 year old inside the house.