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Woodside 1965
Interior Photos
Torn Apart By The Blast
Front Page News
Interior Photos
Exterior Photos
Article 1, Day 1, Page 1
Article 1, Day 1, Page 2
Article 2, Day After Explosion
Thank you Letter, 1 Month After Explosion
{ I would like to thank the newspaper photographer for having provided the family with a copy of the photographs used in the articles on June 4th and 5th, 1965 }

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This photograph is particularly interesting because I have been told that we were meant to have had overnight guests.

This piece of information may be inaccurate, but if we HAD had guests, this is the couch they would have been sleeping on.

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This chair was forced into it's position by the blast. I have heard variants on the description.

It is either a chair in the ceiling of the kitchen, or in the upper wall of one of the bedrooms.

The Newspaper reporter (who I believe may also have taken the photograph) stated that it was in the Master bedroom Ceiling.

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The hole created by the blast was filled with debris from within the structure.

Very little survived, but amazingly some fresh drycleaning was discovered in good shape, still in its' plastic wrap in the ruins of the basement down below.

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Sort of makes your home look neat afterall huh?!.

Referred to in the newspaper of the day as 'rooms ripped asunder' I believe.